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4 Ways Worrying Can Negatively Affect Your Relationship

4 Ways Worrying Can Negatively Affect Your Relationship

Worrying is natural however sometimes we can allow misplaced concerns and fears get in the way of our relationships and detrimentally affect our lives.

If you're in a relationship and prone to worries around the relationship itself, you might want to make sure you're not letting your concerns get the best of you and subsequently wreak havoc on your emotions and relationship with your partner. Constantly worrying throws your entire relationship into a state of perpetual panic, confrontation and exhausting damage-control behaviours.

Worrying Adds Stress

If you constantly worry it throws your body into a state of panic and anticipated confrontation. This state of high alert creates physical changes in your body's hormone levels that have unwanted behavioural manifestations. You'll find yourself snapping at your partner and becoming increasingly impatient and sensitive to negative behaviours. All that extra negativity will inevitably cause stress and that can place a huge amount of pressure and strain on a relationship.

Worrying Changes Your Perspective

Often people find that their fears and concerns start to develop into obsessions - meaning that they can start looking for and seeing problems where the issue may not even exist. For instance, if you're continually worried that your partner is cheating on you, that fear and worry can cause you to see "evidence" of cheating, which may actually be innocent. This perspective can cause you to throw around false accusations, become controlling, or even invade your partner's privacy. An atmosphere of suspicion and mistrust will definitely negatively impact any relationship.

Worrying Doesn't Solve Problems

Constant worry, even over legitimate concerns can often serve to cause more problems. When decisions and choices are made in a state of panic, you're less likely to make logical decisions. Poor decision-making can lead to an even worse situation, so take a step back, take a breath, and think about proactive and positive solutions, instead of giving in to panic.

Worrying Causes Health Problems

As it turns out, you really can worry yourself sick. Having a minor concern isn't going to affect your life that much, however, if you're constantly worried and stressed, it will eventually manifest in ill-health. Worry and stress can cause everything from migraines to heart failure.

Instead of worrying, talk to your partner about anything that's bothering you. Whether it's financial trouble or suspicions of infidelity, nothing is worth losing your health over. Instead of letting worry and stress overtake you and your relationship, try to be proactive by breaking down the problem and engineering a solution. Proactive, results-driven thinking will help you find solutions to help reduce the worrying and avoid ruining your relationship with negativity. Communication is key to a healthy and sustainable relationship.