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Are you sabotaging your self esteem?

Are you sabotaging your self esteem?

We all know that small incidental activities like regular critical self-talk, eat away at the image you hold of yourself and subsequently your self-esteem. Yet we continue to do it. Well that needs to change and now. 

The world is a hard enough place, without our own self-sabotage. It’s important for your overall happiness and wellbeing to support and love yourself for who you really are… warts (*cough) and all! We're none of us perfect and we need to stop striving for perfection and accept that who we are, right now, is enough.  That doesn't mean you have to give up on self development and being the best version of you, but your attitude  to how you approach it needs to be a positive one. 

Similarly, talking yourself down in front of people damages your sense of worth. To feel confident, you need to feed a positive self-image with uplifting inner self talk. You need to treat yourself with respect. Stop using self-deprecating humour, or words like fat and ugly - they so aren't necessary in every day thoughts. Don't use phrases like "terminally single".

It's time to stop sabotaging your self-esteem and shine.

Be a positive talker. 

The best way to stop disparaging thoughts is to create positive talk. Let compliments and affirmations take the place of the critical words in your head. When looking in the mirror, tell yourself that you are a good person with many gifts and that you have courage. As you say the words aloud, imagine a feeling of courage and power coursing through your body.

If you sabotage your self-esteem, correct the message you're sending your brain. Remind yourself of your achievements, strengths and positive attributes. Stand up for your inner child, who harbours the fear of not being good enough.

When someone pays you a compliment, accept. Say "thank you," and smile from deep down inside. Let the recognition of what was said sink in and even write it down if necessary- so that you can remind yourself. 

Stop using the language of doubt and negativity.

Use positive language when you talk about yourself and others too. Don't talk about failures; talk about what you've learned. Instead of saying you did things wrong; say you know how to succeed next time. Train your brain to see everything in positive terms. It will eventually become second nature. Remember though, like anything you have to keep exercising the muscle for it to grow!

Talk about yourself with the respect you would give a beloved friend you admire.

Your self-image will rocket as you supply regular injections of confidence. You’ll also notice that people will treat you better. People enjoy being around positive people who treat themselves and others with love and consideration. You'll gain a momentum of positivity to fuel self-worth. Most importantly, you will rewire your brain.

You owe it to yourself to celebrate the beautiful person you are. xoxo