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Facts about bananas you should know!

Facts about bananas you should know!

Are you a frequent banana muncher? (Hey, get your mind out of the gutter! ) 

Apart from being a delicious, handy snack that comes in its own packaging (love a simple grab ‘n go!), le banana is a nutritional powerhouse. Regular consumption of bananas can boost bone health, aid digestion, support gut health as well as weight loss.

They are brilliant in smoothies, frozen and blended to make a healthy ice-cream alternative as well as simply enjoyed on its own - as is.  You can add them to your breakfast cereal, yogurt and even use them in baking instead of sugar. What's more, banana skins protect the inner fruit from any harmful effects of pesticides.

They are packed with a wide range of vitamins, micronutrients and amino acids including


One medium-sized banana contains nine percent of the recommended daily intake (RDI) of potassium. Potassium is one of the most important electrolytes in the body, preventing the loss of calcium, which is important for bone health… not to mention your pearly whites.

Potassium also helps to regulate blood pressure, protecting your body against heart disease and strokes. What's more, it's important for healthy kidney function. One study found that those who eat bananas four to six times a week are almost 50% less likely to develop kidney disease.

Vitamin B6

Consuming a medium-sized banana provides around 33% of the RDI of vitamin B6, which is vital for maintaining a healthy cardiovascular, immune, and nervous system. This powerful vitamin also helps in the creation of melatonin, the hormone that regulates the body's internal clock.  Struggling with those early mornings?  A banana may be the answer!


This trace mineral helps the body absorb important minerals like magnesium, and essential vitamins, including E and B. Manganese itself is crucial for bone health and supporting the body's metabolism.  We all know how important that metabolism is!

Vitamin C

As with many fruits, bananas are an excellent source of vitamin C, with one banana providing around 15% of your daily recommended amount. Vitamin C boosts your immune system, improves the absorption of other nutrients, and contributes to glowing skin health and collagen protection.


Bananas contains a range of powerful antioxidants: beta-carotene, lutein, selenium, and vitamins A, C and E. Beta-carotene provides protection against cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. Selenium helps to regulate immune function and may benefit conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis and prostate cancer. Bananas also contain catechin, a natural antioxidant which helps in the prevention of various cardiovascular diseases.


Fancy feeling fuller for longer? Bananas contain a high level of pectin, a soluble fiber that lowers cholesterol, aids digestion, and normalizes bowel function. A single banana contains three grams of fiber and only around 100 calories. The high fiber content has been linked with lower body weight and weight loss.


This is a top one in our book.  Bananas can make you feel happier! The essential amino acid tryptophan is necessary for general growth and development, and is abundant in bananas. Combining with vitamin B6, it helps the body produce the natural chemical serotonin, which stabilizes mood and alleviates depression.

Fructose and Glucose

These two natural sugars occur in roughly equal amounts in bananas, making the fruit an excellent source of energy. The sugars are quickly absorbed by the body, which is why many professional athletes eat bananas before competing. They also help to reduce muscle cramps and soreness after exercise and enjoying a banana after a workout will also help your body replenish energy stores.

Vitamin A

The high water content of bananas helps to hydrate and rejuvenate the skin, and the presence of vitamin A also helps to renew damaged skin cells. Combined with vitamins C and E, it makes bananas a great fruit for gorgeous glowing skin.

So, reach for that banana ladies… you know you want to, after reading this! xoxo