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Foods that can help boost your sex drive.

Foods that can help boost your sex drive.

Are you feeling a little lack lustre in the bedroom department?  It’s often a difficult landscape to navigate, with stress, diet, fatigue and a busy lifestyle having a huge impact on those nooky moments and sexual drive.

If you’re conscious that you need to invigorate the spark, you may decide to change things up a bit… to get a bit more of a work-life balance and perhaps get more rest and improve your nutrition.

Nutrition can have a big influence on your sex drive - both mentally and physically.  High fat, low fibre, low nutrient and highly processed foods can leave you feeling exhausted, replete and unattractive - especially if you feel like those late night fast food snacks that you grab on the way home from the office have been accumulating a bit more than you’d like.

Nutrition has a powerful impact on your endorphin levels as well as your hormones. Here are some delicious ways to eat your way to an improved sex drive:

Red wine

With this one moderation needs to be emphasised … with a glass or two in mind, rather than the temptation of a few more!  Red wine contains an antioxidant that increases blood flow (think ...well you know where to think!)  Too much red wine, however, can reduce physical sensations and inhibit sexual abilities, so it’s vital to go easy on this one.  


This one is a classic.  You’re most likely well aware of the chocolate coated strawberries and the concept of lovingly feeding them to your partner.  In all seriousness, dark chocolate in particular contains phenethylamine that enhances response to pleasure sensations and can even make you feel more physically attracted to them. Another ingredient in chocolate - tryptophan, appears to help people feel more mellow and positive… as if we needed any more reasons to enjoy chocolate!


Oysters are another famous aphrodisiac.  They have properties shown to improve sexual function caused by the high amino acid content as well as the high levels of zinc, which stimulates sex hormone increase and improves sperm production. Not everyone’s favourite seafood dish but if you’re an oyster fan - go for gold!


Spicy chilli causes the release of endorphins, which result in increases of energy and feelings of excitement.  Whilst going for a run or hitting the gym for the daily workout is also an option, often a more welcome precursor to nooky may be a spicy fajita or add some fresh chilli to your stir fry.  Remember to tone down the garlic for best results. 


Before you get too excited - we aren’t talking the kind you find in desserts or cakes (sadly!)  We’re talking the scraping of a vanilla bean pod into some plain greek yoghurt with some honey, or some added to your warmed milk in the evening. Vanilla bean is actually a nerve stimulant, which means that vanilla consumption may sensitise your skin and increase the pleasure you feel during foreplay and sex.... making things much more exciting!


Ok, ok, we know firsthand that asparagus can do funky things to the smell of your urine.  But did you know that asparagus is actually an aphrodisiac?  In fact asparagus has been documented as an aphrodisiac from as far back as the 17th century.  Subsequent research suggests that asparagus stimulates the libido through its high levels of folate as well as its ability to increase histamine production.  Histamine is vital for orgasm.

Pomegranate juice

Research shows that pomegranate juice spikes testosterone levels, increasing it by up to 30% in some studies. Testosterone is the male sex hormone, which can increase the sex drive of both ladies and gents, leading to a an improved libido.  Pomegranate juice improves circulation, which can also improve male sexual performance and heighten sexual sensations.  Definitely a great reason to opt for that glass of deliciousness!


Honey is not only yummy, it also packs an impressive dose of boron, a compound that helps to maintain male and female sex hormones at the right levels. It’s also great for boosting energy levels - proving great for those night-time energy slumps!


Coffee often gets a bad rap.  Did you know though, that research has shown that a cup or two of coffee can improve things in the bedroom?! Caffeine increases blood flow and heart rate, enhancing sexual response.

Give some of these a go… you can thank us later!