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Four Important Steps To Take When Cleaning Up Your Lifestyle

Four Important Steps To Take When Cleaning Up Your Lifestyle

We all have aspects of our lives that we know we could clean up a little. It might be our nutrition, habits, relationships or even our mindset. Ways of life that we know are detrimental to us both emotionally and physically. By learning to replace bad habits with good, one tiny step at a time, you can slowly improve the quality of your life and drastically improve your health and mindset in the process. It doesn’t have to be daunting, either!

Here are four important steps to take when cleaning up your lifestyle.

1. Start viewing your body as a precious temple.

Dramatic, perhaps, but a powerful principle in determining lifestyle choices and practices. And besides, your body IS a precious temple… YOUR temple - which is definitely worth looking after and keeping in tip top condition!
Go as natural and unprocessed as you possibly can. Simple, clean organic foods - free from chemicals, pesticides, preservatives and additives. If you drink sodas and other sugary drinks, replacing them with water is an important part of cleaning up your lifestyle. Sugar contributes to weight gain, can lead to cancer, and negatively affects hormones and the brain. Proper hydration also helps one to focus better and have more energy. If you want to clean up your lifestyle, this is one of the best changes you can make.
The same goes for your personal care - your skin, your contraception and your period products. Options like organic tampons, paraben free products and natural organic skincare ranges mean that ladening your skin and body with chemicals that have been proven to cause ill-health is no longer your only option.
Do you really need to be taking oral contraceptives, or could you switch to something like condoms, to give your body a chemical break? You will be amazed at how naturally energised you will feel, following a clean and chemical free lifestyle.

2. Distance yourself from toxic people

We all know THAT person. The person you feel worse after speaking with, who negatively impacts your opinions, ideas and self-esteem. Safely described as plain old toxic.
Toxic people have a negative effect on you and your life. They can drain your energy, steal your good mood, and even embark on more serious activities including manipulation or emotional abuse. When you have even one toxic person in your life, it's difficult to live a peaceful and happy life. You might not be able to remove the toxic people from your life completely, but you can definitely distance yourself from them. Start to take back control of your life when it comes to them - only engaging in communications with them on your own terms. You don't need to reply to their texts until you're ready. You don't have to answer their phone calls. When a person who craves attention doesn't get it, they will move on to someone else. Be aware of how each person in your life makes you feel and adjust your interaction with them to better serve yourself.

3. Start exercising

Even just a little bit at first. Exercise is important not only for your physical health, but your mental health as well. When you exercise you burn calories, improve stamina, and build confidence. Exercise is also a stress reliever. Even if you've never worked out a day in your life, you can begin today by implementing new habits into your daily life. You don't need to join a gym to get active - you can start by taking a 10, then a 20, then a 30 minute walk every day. As you become more accustomed to being active, you can work different types of exercise into your life. A sedentary lifestyle can lead to obesity, depression, and disease. If your want to clean up your lifestyle, starting an exercise regime is a must.
You’ll be amazed at how much it will positively impact your sleep and stress levels, too!

4. Negate negative thinking

Negative thinking can hold you back in pretty much every area of your life. If you think you can't do something, you’re setting yourself up for failure. It's important to practice positive thinking and a positive outlook on life will help you overcome obstacles and see the good in almost any situation.

To maintain a positive attitude takes practice. You have to train yourself to the positive in situations instead of the negative. You will also have to distance yourself from people who complain and whine constantly… don’t forget, you become who you spend most of your time with, so choose wisely.
Cleaning up your lifestyle really comes down to appreciating who you are, seeing the need for change and realising that you are truly worth the effort to keep healthy, happy and positive. One small step at a time. Success breeds success, after all!