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Letter to my PMS-ing self

Letter to my PMS-ing self

Ever in the throes of a PMS session so disastrous that you feel as though you’re almost having an out-of-body experience? Write a note to your PMS-ing self. Sure, you won’t be sane enough to refer to it at the time, but it’s the thought that counts, right?

Dear PMSing Me,

I’ve written down a few things I’d love you to remember when you’re feeling like you are now. Don’t say “I AM NOT ON MY PERIOD” because you are, or soon will be, so just shut up and listen.

Don’t call your ex. This is not the time for make-ups, reminiscing or to reload and fire some of that good ammo you have against him. You are not equipped to deal with any of the consequences that these things could elicit right now!

Don’t have that one-on-one with your manager. I know you’ve got a flotilla (more like FLOWtilla) of stuff to say to him and you’re feeling ballsy right now but what you’re actually feeling is much more powerful than ballsy and we need our job right now. Write what you’d like to tell him down (AT HOME AND LEAVE IT AT HOME) and revisit it in a couple of weeks, k?

Don’t head for the fitting rooms. Even at your slimmest, hottest self, PMS will turn these rooms into a Maze of Mirrors, so check the returns policy and try the clothes at home or come back next week!

Don’t ask anyone how they think you look in this! Let’s be honest. There is no right answer right to that question right now!

Don’t eat that….or that... and definitely don’t eat all of those.... The healthy eating streak we’ve got going on right now is not worth ruining just because you’re not feeling motivated to make good food choices right now. We made a whole Pinterest board about this, remember?

Don’t forget to exercise. Future You knows that you’ll feel better after a little walk or going to your usual yoga class. Future You will love that you’ve kept our exercise routine. Be like Future You.

Don’t pretend you don’t have PMS. I’ve marked our date on the calendar so rather than letting PMS announce itself, maybe we could let our loved ones know in advance! I bet if we do that we won’t be half as cray because we’ll be more aware of how our hormones are making us feel/behave and will try to manage them better.

And lastly, be kind to yourself. We love you, really! Hot head, teary eyes, bloaty bod, aches, pains and all. So let’s find some things to do that you love, maybe with some people you love, and remember that this too shall pass!

Love Me