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Superfood Profile: Hemp Seeds

Superfood Profile: Hemp Seeds

Our hunter-gatherer ancestors discovered the incredible health benefits of hemp seeds thousands of years ago and hemp has been making a spectacular comeback in modern human nutrition, too. They've been getting a lot of press about how they can support healing and recovery from autoimmune diseases, heart disease, among other chronic illnesses. The good news is that you too can bring the known nutritional benefits of hemp seeds into your daily life very easily (and deliciously!)

There aren't too many non-meat foods that offer a complete protein profile but hemp seeds fall into that category - proudly being able to boast all 21 amino acids! Just two tablespoons of hulled hemp seeds contain more than five grams of protein, so vegetarians and vegans can rejoice. This puts hemp just behind soybeans and just ahead of beef for protein content. That’s pretty impressive, in our book!

On the essential fatty acid side of the nutritional equation, hemp seeds are packed full of both omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. These fats work hard to support healthy skin and hair and to strengthen all your internal organs.

All seed superfoods have an excellent trace mineral profile. Hemp seeds in particular are high in vitamin E, an important antioxidant, along with significant levels of iron, folate, zinc and phosphorous.

8 Ways to Get More Hemp Seeds Into Your Diet

Because hemp seeds are creamy rather than crunchy, they're easy to incorporate into your everyday meal plans. Their nutty flavour makes a pleasant addition to many foods, so get more hemp into your diet by:

  • Snacking on hulled raw hemp seeds
  • Blending into quick breads and yeast breads
  • Stirring into pesto, hummus, pilaf and risotto
  • Substituting for other nuts and seeds in recipes
  • Garnishing stir fried or steamed organic vegetables (one of our favourites!)
  • Incorporating into a fresh fruit smoothie or vegetable juice
  • Completing the nutritional punch of a kale or spinach salad

As a nutrition dense and lactose free substitute for dairy milk, try blending one part hemp seeds with four parts water. You may need to experiment with seed-to-water ratios to get the right consistency and taste.

If you're interested in living a raw foods or paleo lifestyle, hemp seeds should be on the top of your list of superfoods. You can also purchase organic hemp oil as one of the most nutritious oils available on the market.