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Hello lovelies,  

Siobhan here, Founder of Liverpool St. Thanks for taking the time to explore the site and getting to know us. 

I'm passionate about women and our issues.  I believe together we can do anything, we set our minds too, whilst smiling, juggling and laughing at the absurdity of it all.

Liverpool St began after a health scare forced me to re-valuate my lifestyle, from the food I ate to the health & skin care products I used. I reviewed everything in my life including my career choices and shampoo! 

You see, when I realised my tampon pack didn't tell me what they were made of, after some research I discovered that what's in the box, should not be in your box! (pardon the pun!) They are full of synthetic and semi-synthetic products that are just laden with nasties. How many of us assume our tampons are made of cotton because they're white? 

Increasingly, we are becoming more aware of what we eat but we haven’t paid much attention to what else our insides are exposed to every single month. Our mission at Liverpool St is to raise awareness and understanding that simple changes can have a big impact on your long term health.

We’re not just about tampons though, we plan on offering lots of organic wonderful monthly necessities by listening to YOU!

Together, let's make Liverpool St a voice for good practical advice, education, support and real products for the modern woman.  Reach out to us and join the conversation for inspiration, info and intel via email, Instagram, FB. You know the drill, ladies. 

Welcome to Liverpool St.

Big Hugs! xoxo